Electronic Communications Association of Georgia is respectful organization, which unifies cable operators and works to defend their rights. The Association is busy to resolve significant problems in the field of the telecommunication, develops proposals and submits them to relevant institutions, provides information support and free legal assistance for the member companies.

Contract relations of the Association with tv-channels about retranslations rights are significant part of the economic and legal assistance for the operators, that significantly ease their work in both economic and social dimensions. Nowadays, the Union distributes numerous high rate and leading TV-channels in Georgia. The Channel permanently tries to make new and interesting channels available for Georgian cable operators.

Electronic Communications Association of Georgia actively participates in international conferences and congresses and acts as partner of many conferences.

Electronic Communications Association of Georgia organized several international projects, which had extremely positive impact on the development of the telecommunication field.

In 2005, the Association organized the Fifth International Congress of TV-Radio Broadcasters and Cable Operators – Third Millennium Together in Georgia; in 2007 the Union organized the Conference on Copyright and Related Rights. In 2008, the Union organized the International Congress on Digital Broadcasting.

In September 2016, the Electronic Communications Association of Georgia organized important international conference Days of the Georgian Cable Televisions – Third Millennium Together 2016, which was very popular and highly appreciated event in many countries.

Electronic Communications Association of Georgia have close and successful cooperation with the telecommunication organizations and associations of many countries. On March 28, 2017, with the participation and support of the presidents of Latvia and Georgia, the Association signed the cooperation agreement with the Communication Association of Latvia in the Palace of the President of Georgia.

Electronic Communications Association of Georgia continues intensive activities in the development of the telecommunication fields in Georgia.