Electronic Communications Association of Georgia was founded as union of cable transmitting operators. The Union actively implements all activities necessary for the Georgian pay televisions market. The Union works on the solution of all problematic issues and provides the operators with legal and information support.

In addition to that, the Union works on:
- the promotion international cooperation in the field of telecommunications;
- the distribution foreign TV-channels in the platforms of all pay televisions.

Aims of the Association are the following:
-determination of problems of Georgian Cable TVs;
-integration of linking systems into one unification of legal entities;
-keeping collective and individual development and creation of appropriate mechanism for their keeping supporting legal and moral honesty before government and society;

Tasks of Association:
-determination of principal directions in development of modern technical devices and equipment; making contacts with their providers taking into consideration of their members interests;
-keeping their members rights;
-making agreements and concluding of contracts with satellite and other TV companies;
-formations of integrated studio for providing with service the members of the Union;
-Raising of professional level of the engineering technical staff and creative groups employed in link systems that are the members of the Union;
-Providing development of democratic principles in Georgia through link system for formation of civil society;

At the present by Association is following work:
Through interference of Cable Television Union of Georgia unexampled tax for using frequencies was abolished.
The draft about "cable, air-cable and TV informational networks" was developed by Union.
Union is actively taking part in international conferences, congresses and exhibitions. It is initiator and one of the founders of international Association.

Union adjusts contacts and arranges contracts with more than thirty TV-channels all over the world.

Union serves as so organizer of 5 International Congress of Tele-radiobroadcasters and operators of cable TV "Third millennium together".
On October of 2007 and on March of 2008 there were the international congresses in Tbilisi and these were organized by Union.
Union is organizer of the international conference - "Georgian Cable TV Days - Third Millennium Together", which was held up in Tbilisi on 29 September 2016.

The Union has been created strong legal service for their members.
Union actively collaborates with the associations, unions, and companies of allied industries.